Parish Hall

Located behind the church is the sacristy (ground floor, right), and parish rooms.
The Hall on the first floor is spacious and well lit.
The 'Glass Room' entrance area can also be used as a space.
The balcony area above is accessible from the first floor.
The kitchenette on the ground floor.

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Floor areas: (sq.m is square metres / sq.ft is square feet)
· The main hall: 55.4 sq.m / 596 sq.ft
· Entrance hall, landing and circulation areas: 28.7 sq.m / 309 sq.ft
· Kitchen: 8.2 sq.m / 88 sq.ft
· Glass Room: 15.6 sq.m / 168 sq.ft

The ceiling height of the hall is 2.9 metres / 9’ 6”

On standard calculations of capacity, the main hall can hold 166 people standing, 110 in a concert or dance arrangement, or 55 people dining.
The Glass Room can hold 47 standing, 31 concert-style, or 16 dining.

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