Historic photographs, 1

These excellent photographs (double-click on them for a bigger version) were recently found by Fr Saward. They show that the church has changed very little, except in some interesting respects:

What is now the side chapel, dedicated to Our Lady of Fatima, was at that time a wooden confessional. Although the wood carving is rather fine, it was found to be insufficiently sound-proof! It can't have been long after this photograph was taken that a special extension was built on the other side of the nave, to house the confessional more securely.

The altar is unchanged, but the sanctuary lamp now hangs to the right, rather than in the centre. This picture was taken at Easter (hence the Easter candle); notice the expert flower arrangments. And both Our Lady and St Joseph are wearing copes in honour of the feast!

The statues of Our Lady and St Joseph are also worth examining: the last picture shows clearly how she originally had a star-spangled halo, and her Son (if you look carefully) a sort of crown. Notice too the details on her robes, which was lost when the statues were repainted.

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